Blue Ridge Highlands, Virginia
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Traveling in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia can be a vacation in and of itself.  In fact, before I moved to Virginia almost 18 years ago I took a weeks vacation thinking I was going to move to Vermont.  I hit Interstate 81 from Tennessee and traveled north through Virginia.  I was caught up in the views from the highway that I decided to slow down and take a few back roads to enjoy and savor it longer.  I ended up spending the entire week traveling through Virginia.  I met folks from all walks of life, camped out in my car along the Blue Ridge Parkway, got lost, and ultimitaley found the place that I would one day call home. I made it to Vermont a couple of years later and was relieved to have made the right decision not to move there.  Although it was as beautiful as I imagined, Virginia, and especially the Blue Ridge Highlands, were calling my name.


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